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Welcome to the Fortune Fortuna Newsletter—a dedicated space for unveiling the vibrant tales and local occurrences that define the city we call home. Delve into the narratives of local entrepreneurs, explore the pulse of community events, and uncover what makes our city special.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we celebrate the spirit of our beloved city through engaging stories, noteworthy events, and much more!

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Fostering Growth With Community Collaboration

Supporting the businesses & organizations that make our city what it is without debilitating paywalls and memberships to make Fortune Fortuna more accessible to all in our community. Focusing solely on Fortuna, it's events, businesses, people, and organizations- providing a local, relevant audience with high quality content.

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What is Fortune Fortuna?

Fortune Fortuna is a Newsletter & Social Media focused marketing project aiming to promote local businesses & happenings, support local community endeavors, and encourage our community to do the same.

Meet The Creator

Hi! I'm Emma. I'm a born & raised Fortunian (Fortunanite? Fortunan?). Graduating from Fortuna High in 2020, starting a business in Downtown Fortuna, and becoming the VP of the Fortuna Downtown Business Association. I've worked with local organizations like the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, FBID, and the Fortuna Skatepark for the betterment of both local businesses, and the local community. I started Fortune Fortuna as a way to establish a strong, independent place to do what I do best- promote small businesses and support my community.

Get Involved
Want to get involved with the newsletter? Have an event, anniversary, or would like to bring a piece of Fortuna history to the table? Contact me & let's work together! 
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Local Advertising

Maintaining a hyper-local audience, providing a high quality, relevant audience for businesses and organizations to utilize.

Meaningful Storytelling

Speaking with local entreprenuers, highlighting their presence in the community and how they make our city great.

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Digital Presence

Maintaining a social media presence to bring content not only to email inboxes, but to the feeds of thousands of locals, & tourists.

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Encouraging Local

Highlighting local businesses and encouraging shopping & supporting local through highlighting the local happenings of our businesses.

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