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Gold Leaf Media's Owner, Emma

Hi there, I'm Emma, a social media manager with expertise in helping businesses of all sizes improve their digital presence. My passion is to provide businesses with the right tools and strategies to enhance their online visibility, engage with their audience, and meet their goals. 

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My Strategy

Social media as a two-way street, building relationships brick by brick with personalized responses, timely engagement, and genuine empathy. Curating spaces where your audience can connect, collaborate, and celebrate their shared passion for your brand. Tailor strategy to your unique brand's personality, injecting humor, heart, and a touch of human flair into every post. Check out my blog where I talk about these topics more in depth!

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What Are You Looking For?

Content Creation

Social Media Services

Website Services

Strategy & Consulting

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Website Services
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Blog Management

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Redesign & Refreshes

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Content Strategy & Consulting
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What are your goals?

Creating Content with Personality

I need guidance & clarity on how to create content that matches the personality of by business/brand.

Building Community with Content

I want someone to help guide me on creating my online community, and how to use my content to build it.

Local Recognition with Content

I want to become a recognizable business/brand in my local community. 
Content Strat & Consultin
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Content Creation
Video Editing
Content Kits/Custom Branded Content
Filming & Photography
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Content Creation
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Social Media Services
Social Media Management
Account Audits
Campaign Management
Paid Ads
Community Management
Local Presence
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Socia Meda Mngmt


A++ Marketing and media management!  Emma is extremely pleasant and hard working, she really puts in the time to get results! Her marketing style is fluid and tuned to the audience you need to reach. I highly recommend her services, which are essential for every business in today's social media age.She get's result and produces the content you need to drive engagement and revenue as a small to medium business.


Emma's dedication to excellence shines through in every interaction. Her creative spirit drives innovative solutions, all delivered with a touch of infectious enthusiasm. I felt as if I was working on something great with a friend and I look forward to hiring her again real soon.


Gold Leaf Media has been handling my social media for my store for the last few months. I was struggling with doing everything as a sole proprietor. I was wary at first about the added expense in this time, but I took the plunge. With Emma doing the bulk of my social media, it has allowed me to grow other parts of my business.  I would recommend Gold Leaf Media to any business out there. Take a chance, and see what Emma can do for you.
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