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Growing The Fortuna Citywide Yard Sale's Vendors By 160%

How Our Social Media Campaign Raised Vendor Numbers by 160%

The Fortuna Downtown Business Association (FDBA) has always been dedicated to promoting local businesses and creating vibrant community events in Fortuna, Humboldt County. This year, our mission was to significantly increase vendor participation for our annual events. Through a blend of organic and paid social media posts we achieved raising vendor numbers by an impressive 160% from the previous year.

In recent years, the FDBA had struggled with maintaining and increasing vendor participation in our events. We realized that to achieve our goals, we needed a more robust and targeted approach to generate more vendor interest. While the Citywide Yard Sale provided a unique- well known (border lining on a tradition) event of the first Saturday of June being the opportunity for the whole city to have a yard sale. People without easily accessible homes, or lawns wouldn't be able to participate. So, closing down the street and leasing plots for people to host their own yard sale became a huge value proposition for anyone wanting to sell some yard sale items, do some spring cleaning, and make some extra bucks at the end of the day.

The Event's Social Media Strategy


Highlighting with previous years content creation the large population of locals that turned out, using organic posts. Additionally, using boosted posts (paid ads) to put up sponsored content directing people to the button linked on the ad directing to the application page on their website.

While we posted both static & short form, we focused primarily on Facebook for organic content & Instagram stories for their ability to direct people to the website directly. Then, using sponsored posts with their button/CTA directing to a link to the application page on the site.

Targeted Posting

By using hashtags relevant to Humboldt County and local business, such as #DowntownFortuna , we were able to reach a broader audience within our target demographic. These targeted posts helped us connect with people who were specifically interested in local events and businesses.

Paid Social Media Campaign

To complement our organic efforts, we implemented a targeted paid social media campaign. This approach allowed us to reach a larger audience and specifically target potential vendors who might not have been aware of our events.

Targeted Ads

We created ads targeting business owners and artisans in Humboldt County and surrounding areas. By using Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting options, we were able to reach individuals based on location, interests, and business type.

Facebook Event

Building local interest with over 1,000 people locally for the event via Facebook events allowed the event to be distributed to a large local audience, while hosting discussions & Q&A's in the 'Discussion' tab of the event.

Ad Campaigns

We also ran retargeting campaigns to reach people who had previously interacted with our content or visited our website. This ensured that our message stayed top-of-mind and encouraged potential vendors to take action. These retargeting efforts were crucial in converting interested parties into confirmed vendors.

The Results: A 160% Increase in Vendor Participation

Our combined efforts in organic and paid social media marketing yielded outstanding results. We saw a 160% increase in vendor numbers compared to the previous year- over 55 people with plots on Main Street. Our experience with the FDBA’s social media campaign has provided valuable insights into the power of targeted marketing and community engagement. Here are some key takeaways:

Looking ahead, we plan to build on this year’s success by continuing to refine our social media strategies. We will explore new content formats, expand our advertising reach, and further deepen our engagement with the local community. Our goal is to make Fortuna’s events the highlight of Humboldt County’s calendar and to support the growth of local businesses in every way we can.


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